Please review the Foundation’s funding guidelines and your organization’s eligibility. If you believe that your project and organization meet these criteria, the first step is to submit a Letter of Inquiry to the Foundation. If your project appears to be a viable candidate for a grant from the Elizabeth M. Pfriem Foundation, you will receive an invitation to complete a full application. The Elizabeth M. Pfriem Foundation reviews Letters of Inquiry on an ongoing basis.

If the Letter of Inquiry reflects our Foundation’s funding priorities, we may request a full application. Applications should only be submitted to the Foundation upon request. Unsolicited applications will not be returned. Submission of an inquiry or application should not be interpreted as an indication of likely support.

Applications received after November 1 will not be accepted for the current year. Any application received after the deadline date can be included with that applicant’s request for the following year.

  • Please provide an estimate of the amount of the amount you are seeking from the foundation.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, gif, png.
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